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Sara Wigglesworth
Past Experience

Sara Wigglesworth

Manager, Corporate Communicaitons
Toronto, ON

Sara holds an MSc from Queen Mary, University of London, UK and a BFA with concentrations in Computational and Tangible Media from Ryerson University. A multidisciplinary artist, Sara has a strong background in Media Arts and Technology.  She is adept in Graphic Design, UX/UI, Web Design and Creative Consulting. Her previous experience includes designing websites for Entertainment Music Group, showcasing her interactive artwork in Toronto galleries and has a long history of coaching tennis in multiple clubs around Toronto. Sara is currently a Manager of Corporate Communications at Finneo, but she also supports the team by producing successful designs for marketing and UX/UI development.

Sara enjoys supporting her community by volunteering for non-profit organizations such as Greenpeace in activist movements as well as volunteering on their web development team. She is currently volunteering with
CRELA (Commercial Real Estate Lenders Association) and helps organize charitable events in support of EducateKids Foundation.

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