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Business Analyst

Miami, FL | New York, NY | Washington DC | Toronto, ON | Vancouver, BC | Montreal, QC

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

As a Business Analyst, you will be part of a team that identifies issues and drives efficiency. In this capacity.


  • Operationalize business needs with sales and marketing systems (Finneo Software)

  • Support and project manage cross-functional projects using a combination of data, context, and understanding of our systems

  • Ensure the smooth running of our systems

  • Execute on both long term transformations and short term optimizations to help Finneo’s sales and marketing teams achieve continued growth

  • Support new teams and functions as they get off the ground and gain experience across operations in the process [e.g. strategy, finance, marketing, recruiting…etc]

About the Company

Finneo is the # 1 Tech-Enabled CRE Debt Advisory Platform backed by TechStars & Colliers International. We are growing fast and have offices both in US and Canada.
We seek outstanding people eager to do excellent work while supporting others in doing the same! The ideal candidate is passionate, driven and persuasive.

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