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Is the CRE Industry Undergoing a Tectonic Shift?

Back in September our team hosted a panel of Senior Executives from the Commercial Real Estate Lending Industry to discuss the shift (if any) in their appetite and underwriting criteria due to the impact of COVID-19 and a pending second wave.

In this webinar, we flip sides to the property owner and property developer perspective to discuss how COVID may be shifting their investment thesis.

Topics Discussed:

1. Multifamily Sector: Rent Collection, Rent Growth (or decline), and how has the impacted project economics?

2. Office Sector: CBD Markets have become “Ghost Towns” – is it logical and does it make sense to convert Office into other asset types? Has Suburban Office become more attractive?

3. Retail Sector: Experience vs. Convenience? In-Person vs. E-Commerce?

4. Industrial Sector: Given the cost of land has demand for industrial in secondary markets increased? Rental vs. Strata?

Overall the panel members had a very positive outlook on what is expected to come now that the vaccine is more of question of ‘when’ vs. ‘if.’ The two darlings still seem to be the Multifamily and Industrial Asset Classes.


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