The Future of Your CRE Debt Transactions is with Finneo: More Automation, Better Workflow Management Tools and Data Enabled Decision Making

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Finneo is Trusted by CRE Industry Leaders

“From the moment we were introduced to Finneo, we felt as though this was a great concept and it is. What enhances the product, even more, is the help of the CRE Debt Advisors that Finneo offers. The Advisors gave me the confidence that they are OUR advocates looking after OUR best interest and that is very reassuring. Finneo delivered results as indicated initially and we are very pleased. We look forward to the continued use of the Finneo platform and their advisory assistance.”

Larry Reisman

Owner, Mr self storage LP

“On an extremely tight closing schedule, we were able to use Finneo to find an optimal lender within a few days, get to commitment letter in a record time and use their transaction management and workflow tools for a seamless closing”

Dilian Stoyanov

CEO, Switch Health

"We had a rushed closing and were glad to see that Finneo was able to deliver results in record time. The client was extremely happy with the outcome and we strongly believe that Finneo is paving the way for the future of the industry by providing technology that not only makes transactions more efficient but ensures that their customers get the best financing, with the best experience."

Matt Albertine

Associate Vice President

“Finneo’s Debt Technology platform is transforming the way property owners manage their debt and get property level financing done – for the better!”

Peter Sweeney


“Many of our clients worried that they wouldn’t be able to get proper financing, but Finneo provided by allowing our clients to engage with multiple lenders on Finneo’s platform in a transparent manner.”

Jeremiah Shamess

VP, Colliers International

“Debt solutions are critical for almost all investment sales – by teaming up with the capable team at Finneo, our Brokers and clients get to secure mandates and successfully transact with best Debt terms - quickly!”

Scott Chandler

Practice Leader, Marcus & Millichap Canada

“Finneo’s debt technology platform is revolutionizing the way commercial properties are financed. I have worked closely with them, and what they are doing is simply brilliant. Creating a deal and getting it across to the right kind of lenders in the right kind of format has never been easier!”

Jim Brown

Managing Director, Royal LePage

“While relationships are key in the CRE debt industry, in the year 2020 and beyond it is the speed and efficiency of the financing process that will make a huge difference in helping all of the stakeholders interact with each other more effectively. I have worked with Finneo through our Colliers Proptech Accelerator  program and have seen the tremendous potential that their technology platform and workflow tools bring to this industry. While relationships are important, tech-enabled relationships are also great door openers – and that’s where Finneo is emerging as a differentiator in this space.”

David Bowden

Vice Chairman, Colliers International

“The industry is a challenging place. It’s relationship based for sure, however starting new relationships and developing those relationships is challenging in many ways. Finneo’s technology has helped us reach new industry participants and build important new relationships. The technology is also giving us data on our loan portfolio that we haven’t had such easy access to in the past. Overall, the Finneo platform is greatly easing the continued challenge of managing our loan portfolio and most importantly bringing down our cost of borrowing.”

James Burton

Partner, Percy Ellis Development Group

“Before going to market on a property disposition, we used Finneo to connect with 5 different types of lenders and were able to get an idea of the leverage, interest rate, fees, amortization and other loan metrics. This really helped us in our process as we were able to give better advice to our buyer clients with respect to not only the property potential, but also the overall return on investment, since we had a lot more clarity on the debt metrics thanks to the Finneo platform.”

David Williams

SVP, Colliers International

“With 100s of Lenders in Canada and 1000’s in the US to choose from on any given commercial mortgage financing, we were unclear and unable to connect with the best possible lender. Finneo’s debt technology platform and lender marketplace has been a great market enabler to help us connect with the right kind of lender as it relates to our property financing.”

Vic Dhillon

Founder, MVP Properties

“The business intelligence and snapshot of our portfolio that we get from Finneo’s debt management platform is pretty amazing. Furthermore, their workflow tools and lender data is extremely handy when transacting on debt.”

Craig Whitten

Partner, huntington properties group

“While we are relationship driven, Finneo makes it extremely efficient for us to connect with a wide variety of Lenders and establish new relationships) and manage (the A to Z of CRE Debt Origination and the overall funding process in an organized manner.”

Joe Saso

CHIEF Development Manager, MDM Developments