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Software Solution

Finneo's principals' come from an extensive background in the CRE financing industry. After over a decade of doing things the traditional way using excel, powerpoint, and relationships, they sought to find a way to automate this cumbersome process. Their Answer: FINNEO.

Property Owners

Our Advanced Business Intelligence tools allow you to offer superior reporting and planning as it relates to Property Financing. AI powered Marketplace seamlessly integrates with Debt Management Dashboards saving you both time and money. Lender Relationships are good BUT Tech Enabled Relationships are better!


Finneo’s advanced CRM combined with proprietary deal creation and internal risk management collaboration tools will assist lenders manage their loan book most effectively. Loan syndication module that combines with our AI powered Marketplace will further enhance portfolio risk-reward and profitability.

Real Estate Brokers

Finneo’s advanced workflow and transaction platform allows CRE Brokers to source debt options for their clients in a quick and efficient manner. A Broker is able to use our cutting edge tools like auto deal creation and lender matching algorithm to find perfect lenders and terms both at a listing pitch stage and at listing dissemination – allowing them to win more listings and close with confidence!

Mortgage Brokers

For Mortgage Brokers, Finneo offers pipeline management, deal origination and a placement platform that brings tremendous workflow efficiencies and allows a Broker to generate higher deal origination and execution velocity. For e.g., Deal Creation Automation, data room, auto confidentiality agreement trackers, lender data and bid solicitation are some of the cutting edge tools available on the Debt Broker platform.

Finneo's technology platform is the first End-to-End CRE Debt Management and Placement marketplace that offers tremendous cost savings and efficiencies to property owners across North America. Our platform instantly scours land title/registry offices in a given market and brings a high level of predictive analytics to the lender matching algorithm, allowing borrowers to find the perfect lenders for each financing request.Finneo is CRE Debt Industry's most powerful and flexible tool for Debt Management and Placement/Syndications. Whether you are a REIT, a Pension Fund Advisory Firm, an Institutional Money Manager, a one off property investor, a Developer, a Capital Markets Advisor or a Lender, our cutting edge technology and unmatched functionality combined with market data will help you bring tremendous scale and efficiencies to your business.

Finneo's advanced lender matching algorithm uses the power of big data to streamline your financing process.
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