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Finneo Presents on Market Update Panel during Montreal Real Estate Forum

Moderated by Amar Nijjar, Founder & CEO of Finneo, the event promised to shed light on the challenges, opportunities, and trends that shape the bustling sector. With an impressive lineup of panelists, including Enrico Lamorte, Roberto D'Abate, Joe Rullier, and David Gans, the stage was set for an evening of stimulating insights and lively discussions.

Enrico Lamorte - Regional VP at National Bank:

Enrico Lamorte, renowned for his extensive experience in the financial sector, kicked off the discussion by delving into the impact of economic shifts on the commercial real estate market. As the Regional VP at National Bank, Lamorte offered valuable insights into how evolving economic conditions, including interest rates and inflation, can influence investment strategies and property valuations. His expertise helped attendees navigate the complex relationship between financial markets and the real estate industry.

Roberto D'Abate - VP at Peakhill:

Roberto D'Abate, an esteemed industry expert and VP at Peakhill, brought his deep understanding of development and investment strategies to the panel.

Joe Rullier - SVP at Colliers Canada:

Joe Rullier, the Senior Vice President at Colliers Canada, brought forth his expertise in brokerage and investment services. Rullier's in-depth knowledge of market dynamics, property valuation, and tenant preferences allowed him to share valuable perspectives on tenant experiences, changing trends, and it's impact on leasing and sales strategies.

David Gans - VP at Westmount Capital Mortgage Corporation:

As the Vice President of Westmount Capital Mortgage Corporation, David Gans provided valuable insights into the financing and lending landscape within the commercial real estate market.

The panel discussion on the commercial real estate market offered an enriching and dynamic platform for industry leaders to share their expertise and insights. Attendees left the event with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving world of commercial real estate. From economic influences and sustainable development to tenant experiences and financing, the panelists provided invaluable perspectives, helping attendees navigate the complexities of the sector.


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