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Tech & Data Enabled Sourcing of CRE Debt

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Finneo: Reinventing the Entire Process

Our Team of Highly Experienced Advisors Will Guide You Along The Way


Lending & Borrowing

Finneo is ranked as the #1 Platform in the CRE Debt Industry for having the most depth and breadth in The Lender Programs (3,000+)

Data Enabled Lender Insights

Our Advisors use the Finneo Platform to offer you best in class intelligence on the Lending Market - Historic Trends and Current Lending Appetites.

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Lender Cyclicality is Real

Lenders are always changing their programs due to cost of funds issues, regulatory headwinds and portfolio re-balancing etc. Access our platform and consult with our Advisors to prioritize the Lenders that are Hot and De-Prioritize the ones that are Not!

Transparent Access and Insights

Our In House Data Engineers work hand in hand with our Tech and Lender Program Team to Track Lending Activity in Real Time. With over 3,000 lenders on the supply side of money, Borrowers work with our Advisors to fully understand and navigate the pitfalls of an inefficient market.

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Source Optimal Financing

Our advisors will work with you in a transparent manner to not only source best rate and leverage but also optimal covenant and debt servicing structures.

Efficient Deal Closings

Finneo's loan closing AI tools will help you label, organize, and disseminate information to the Closing Team - lenders, consultants, lawyers and other 3rd parties in an efficient manner. Stay Organized and Avoid last minute closing headaches.

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Post Funding Tools

Finneo's Debt Management Platform will guide you at each and every step of the process to manage loan life cycle efficiently. Never miss a covenant and plan ahead with our Early-Refi Benefit Tools 

Loan Portfolio
Management Services

Our advisors will set up beautiful dashboards to help you better navigate your debt, maturities, reporting and covenants. You will get the best in class Business Intelligence on your loans and portfolio.


Better Terms,
Faster Closings

Tech and Data Enabled Debt Advisory Platform

CIM Build Up

Automated Loan Summary Packages & Instant integration of market comps and data sets

Minimize Work Load

Free up Time for your Finance Team and use our Advisory Assistance to scale your business

Lender Selection

A Scientific and Data based approach to Lender Selection combined with our Relationships

CL Negotiation

Reduce your legal bills by using our Advisors and Contract-AI services

Offer Guidance

CRE Debt offers can be complicated. Use our Offer-AI Tools to navigate covenants better

PFC Management

Efficient way to engage the entire deal team to ensure timely closing and reduce burden

Debt Management Highlights

Annual Loan Reviews

Collect/upload docs, liaise with lender, manage notification system for updates.

Quarterly Covenant Tracking

Audit rent rolls, financials, and covenants; ensure compliance without breaches.

Refinance Strategies

Identify early refinance candidates, assess capital costs, and analyze sell vs. refi.

Advanced Reporting

Enhance portfolio efficiency, analyze data for trends, and mitigate debt management risks.

Ongoing Loan Indexing

Aid finance, synthesize loan details, automate processes, and provide real-time updates.

Ready to get started?

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