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Developing our People and Valuing Entrepreneurship

Our Clients, Commercial Property Owners want to work with sophisticated and experienced professionals when it comes to financing their properties. At Finneo, we are proud of the talent team we have to service our clients needs. We foster a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration so that our colleagues and associates can all grow and scale together - both professionally and financially - while delivering superior results for our clients by using our tech and data enabled platform.

Buildings from Below

One login enables our Advisors to have all of their needs under one roof. The complete A to Z of CRE Debt Advisory and Finance cycle is highly interactive and offers tremendous scale.

One Seamless Platform

Businessman Using Laptop_edited.jpg
Businessman Using Laptop_edited.jpg

Live Training


Our Advisors get rigorous onboarding and have access to learning from top industry experts.

  • 20 Hours of onboarding training

  • 5 Hours of weekly sales, lender and all hands sessions offering high value feedback

  • Learn from industry experts and top producers about:

    • Sales and Pitching

    • CRM, Lead generation and technology tools

    • Linkedin/Marketing

  • Content/Models/Templates

Regular Coaching and Training


Real Time Support

Whenever you need it, and wherever you are, our leadership and operations teams are available.

  • Quick guidance on deal structures

  • Pitch Strategies

  • Ideal Client Profile Based Leads and Support

Constant Feedback and Guidance

Cross-Team Collaboration

Highly collaborative and sharing culture. We are proud of our team that marches in unison and each member is always willing to help each other out.

Cross-Team Collaboration


VP, Debt Origination and Advisory Services


Various, Canada and United States

Business Growth Specialist


Toronto, ON, Canada

Business Development Specialist, Debt Management SaaS


Toronto, ON, Canada

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