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How does Finneo differ from a Traditional Commercial Mortgage Broker?


(Traditional CRE Debt Broker's Desk)


The approach of traditional CRE commercial mortgage brokers is outdated and ineffective. In a traditional capacity, transactions are conducted via disparate data sets and a series of fragmented workflows (disconnected phone conversations, text messages, and emails) causing brokers to miss relevant capital sources and forcing them to operate in an extremely opaque manner to the client. As the world becomes more experiential (through consumer applications such as Netflix, Uber, Air BnB etc.), property owners should be afforded a similar experience when it comes to their CRE Financing needs, removing the need to ask questions like: Were there any other Lenders who could have looked at this transaction? How many institutions are looking into our sensitive information? What is the market saying about our transaction? Is there no better way to find lenders and make this process more seamless?

Finneo, and its team of seasoned debt capital market experts, revolutionizes the debt placement process for property owners and developers across North America. We equip our advisors with the best in class technology and data to ensure that transactions are efficient, transparent, and are disseminated to the right kind of lender, at the right time. Using Finneo, property owners and developers receive real time market feedback & commentary, and have an understanding of which institutions (using Finneo's proprietary lender matching algorithm that tracks predictive analytics of 3000+ CRE capital sources across North America) have the highest amount of execution certainty.

Traditional Brokerages


Handful of Local Lender Relationships: resulting in inferior loan terms

Tracking of 3,000 CRE Capital Sources powered by AI Driven lender market intelligence tools

Black Box & Extremely Opaque: causing friction throughout the process

Finneo's client portal provides an unmatched level of transparency and real time lender market feedback (instantaneously and at all times)

​Execution Risk: lack of collaboration between stakeholders causing delays and headache surrounding funding timelines

Collaboration between stakeholders is done in one centralized and secure location on the Finneo loan closing portal

Fragmented Workflow Tools: resulting in long and dragged out funding timelines

​Seamless connectivity of workflows from package creation automation to funding (the complete A to Z on one centralized platform)

The CRE financing world is finally catching up with the rest of modern civilization and property owners should take advantage of the tools (like Finneo) that are accessible in todays market. If you'd like to learn more about the platform and process of working with our experienced advisors, please book a demo below.



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