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Haneet Singh

Tech Lead

Haneet has 10+ years of experience in software development. He is the core member of Team Finneo and helped architect the entire software. He has frequently spoken at many conferences in Asia on the topics of Drupal, React and GraphQL. At Finneo he is leading the in-house software development team. In his past roles he was leading the cross functional software teams at Google. ING Bank, Rawpixel, Wipro, Srijan, EX Squared and Axelerant.

Prior to joining Finneo, he was in Netherlands workings for ING - Responsible for developing the web banking applications for ING bank using the latest web standards and technologies like ES Modules, Web Components, LitElement and lit-html. He also held senior engineer positions at Rawpixel, Srijan Technologies, EX2, Axelerant and Wipro.

Etobicoke, ON

Haneet Singh
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