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Josh Sussman

AVP, Debt Advisory

Josh is a seasoned Commercial Real Estate (CRE) professional with years of experience in the real estate private equity and structured debt world. He has successfully transacted on all asset types across the capital stack, closing over $750 million in deals. His track record includes handling intricate deals with finesse, a testament to his ability to navigate challenges and complexities inherent in the real estate landscape.

Notably, Josh's versatility extends beyond deal-making, as he brings a unique perspective shaped by his hands-on involvement in the operating side of the business during his tenure in real estate private equity. This dual experience positions him as a valuable asset, particularly in high-touch acquisitions and refinances, where his comprehensive understanding of both financial intricacies and operational dynamics proves instrumental.

Outside of work, Josh seeks solace and excitement in outdoor adventures. Whether biking, skiing, or rock climbing, he embraces a well-rounded lifestyle, reflecting his adventurous spirit that enhances his dynamic and innovative professional approach.

(860) 559-0228

New York, NY

Josh Sussman
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